Could not find an open Unreal Editor instance!

This happens when remote execution is not working with your project. To fix this go through all the steps in the quickstart again. If that doesn't work the issue is most likely due to a networking issue. Check your systems firewall for maya and python. Also check the port 6766 on your computer to see if it is blocked by another application.

You do not have a collection "Export" in your outliner. Please create it.

You will receive this error if you do not have an "Export" set in your outliner. To fix this go to Pipeline > Utilites > Create Pre-Defined Collections.

NoOptionError: No option 'r.skincache.compileshaders'

The option "Support Compute Skin Cache" is required for groom imports. If you have this project setting on but consistently receive this error, consider turning off the "Check project settings" validation in send to unreal validations settings. This issue has been reported by users in #533open in new window.