Send to Unreal

A one-click solution for sending data from Blender to Unreal Engine.

Quick Start

Static Meshes

Supports static mesh workflows with lods, mesh origins, and batched exports.

Skeletal Meshes

Bring a skeletal mesh into unreal with its lods and customized lod build settings.

Animation Sequences

Batch export or send individual animations directly to the editor.


Batch export or send individual hair systems as alembic files to the editor as groom assets.



The reason our tool can provide a "one-click" solution for these assets is because it can automatically infer the correct unreal asset type based on just the contents of a single Export collection. That, along with giving the user the ability to customize and share settings templates, allows assets and scenes to be completely configured ahead of time. A saved file can be opened by an artist and in one-click they can have their assets in unreal engine. The main purpose of this tool is for rapid iteration and standardization of asset workflows. If you are interested in learning more, please read through the rest of our documentation starting with our quickstart guide

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