Validations are optional checks that can be turned off or configured to check a particular setting before starting the Send to Unreal operation. This way an error message can be thrown to a user that tells them to correct a detail that has been detected as "incorrect".

Check scene scale

This checks that the scene scale is set to 1.

Check scene frame rate

This checks the scene time units and ensures they are set to the specified value.

Check armatures for un-applied transforms

If an armature object has un-applied transforms (meaning location and rotation are not [0,0,0] and scale is not [1,1,1]) a message is thrown to the user.

Check if asset has unused materials

If this option is on it looks at each material index on the object and it checks if that material is assigned to a vertex on the mesh object. If there is a unused material, then an error message is thrown to the user.

Check texture references

This checks the texture references and sees if they actually exist on disk.

Check paths

This checks the export and import paths and makes sure they are valid before preforming the operation.

Check project settings

This checks whether the required unreal project settings are in place before performing the operation.

Check blender object names

This checks whether the blender object names in the Export collection contain any invalid special characters or white space. While the following special characters '".,/.:|&!~\n\r\t@#(){}[]=;^%$\`*?<> have valid usage in Blender, they are not valid to use in asset names in Unreal.

Send2UE automatically converts any invalid characters to _ during the export process if this validation is turned off.

Check meshes for vertex groups

This checks that a mesh with an armature modifier has vertex groups.