Community Extensions

Send to Unreal extensions are a powerful way for the community to extend the Send to Unreal tool to support their needs for projects. However, instead of isolating this from the tool, we want to create a free ecosystem of extensions. As this grows overtime, we want this page to be filled with links to extensions that the community has authored, and can hopefully help others customize their blender unreal pipelines.


In order to have your extension linked to this page, several requirements must be met.


  • Code must be in a public GitHub repo
  • Must have a link to publicly available documentation or a README
  • Must have passing test cases when run in the Send to Unreal testing environment


We reserve the right to remove your extension link from this page for these or any other reasons:

  • Out of date code that no longer runs with the latest supported version of Send to Unreal.
  • Malicious or suspicious activity


This page is a list of community extensions that you are free to explore, but we do not support them in any way. We are in no way responsible for the extensions you decide to download. When you decide to download any of these extensions you accept that you are exposing yourself to security vulnerabilities and potential system failure. Always use caution. Read through the code or consult a security professional before proceeding to download code from the internet. Any issues that you have with the extension must be reported to the extension author not to us.