Create Post Import Assets For Groom

The Create Post Import Assets For Groom extension provides a convenient way to create additional unreal assets related to the imported groom asset.



Groom Binding Asset

This creates a binding asset for the imported groom asset. The target skeletal mesh is the hair's surface mesh in blender that is part of the same import. For this option to work correctly, the import mesh and import groom options in the import settingsopen in new window must be turned on.

The binding asset will use the name of the groom asset and the name of the target skeletal mesh post fixed with _Binding. Note this is the unreal convention of naming binding assets.

For example, a groom asset sourced from a particle system named hair with a surface mesh named SK_Mannequin_Female will yield a binding asset named hair_SK_Mannequin_Female_Binding.


A binding asset can only be created when the groom's surface mesh is a skeletal meshopen in new window.

Blueprint Asset with Groom

This creates a blueprint asset for each imported skeletal mesh and its surface hairs. The blueprint asset will have one skeletal mesh component and one or more groom components created from the imported mesh and groom assets. The blueprint asset uses the name of the skeletal mesh asset with a postfix _BP.

  • In the example below, a blueprint asset created with the skeletal mesh SK_Mannequin is named SK_Mannequin_BP. There are multiple hair systems surfaced on the mesh object SK_Mannequin, which results in a groom component created for each groom asset imported.



Each groom component is automatically populated with a groom asset and a binding asset that connects the groom to the skeletal mesh in the skeletal mesh component. For this reason, the binding asset option must be turned on for the blueprint asset with groom binding option to work correctly.


The settings can be found under the Import tab